Welcome to the Place-Names of the Galloway Glens project website. This project is part of the Heritage Lottery-funded Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership. Over the course of 2018 and 2019, Gilbert Márkus (assisted by other members of the project team) surveyed the place-names of seven historical parishes in Kirkcudbrightshire, making these names and explanations about their meaning and historical context available through this website. The Datbase was launched in 2020. You can find more about the project here; or search the place-names here.

We hope to publish a general introductory booklet on the Place-Names of the Galloway Glens in 2023, through the Galloway Glens scheme. In the course of 2022-23 we hope also to have a number of events exploring and exchanging information on the place-names of the area. The GGLP website and social media platforms will alert people to these when they happen.